Workshops are a great way to meet with like-minded people, learn about a variety of topics, and move forward in business, life and relationships, as we all work together to remove the overwhelm, undergo a mindset change, and develop new skills that will help you reach your goals in any area of your life.

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***I also offer this as individual coaching and self-learn courses.***

Watch this Instagram Live chat with Onlinevents Owner Sandra Wilson, to find out more about how a solid mindset and a blogging and social media marketing strategy can help you grow your practice!

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Do you want to grow your business, add value to your audience and get your message out to the world?

This workshop will help you start your blog without feeling overwhelmed, and with a clear plan for every blog post or blog series.

Learning outcomes

Get into the writing (and marketing) mindset – purpose and aims of writing.​

Come away with the topics you are passionate about and want to write about.

Know who your audience is for each blog topic

A blog template (outline) that works for your style of writing

A great personal blogging schedule that works for YOU and your practice.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these?

You are starting your business or private practice

You want to get from a few clients to fully booked but not sure how to achieve that

You’ve started a blog (or completed my blogging programme) but unsure how to get your message further

This workshop will help you develop the skills you need to market yourself on social media, through using Canva and Lumen5 with ease.

Learning outcomes:

Why use images and video for your social media marketing

What can you create with Canva? What about Lumen5?

How long does it take to see content marketing work?

Canva’s fantastic features – tour and examples

planning and creating your design

what to do once you’re happy with your creations

difference between the free and paid versions

Schedule your content to save time!

By working on our boundaries and learning how to meet our needs, we get to know who we really are and how we want to live our lives to the fullest.

Why should we fit in a box someone else made somewhere in the ether?

Truth is – we don’t!

Get the tools you need to improve your life and relationships by practising boundary-setting and meeting your needs.

Learning outcomes

You’ll know yourself better than you ever thought possible

Recognise what you need and want in your life and relationships

Learn to ask for what you need and want in your life and relationships

Set boundaries without the guilt and shame that might have haunted you in the past

Think, Feel, Act: reflection time that will ground you even more in what you’re learning at each step

Pick and choose what works for you: I make suggestions, you make them work for you (or come up with ones that suit you best!)

Get insights on how your life will improve with each step you take in this journey

This programme will help you

Decide whether you want to train as a supervisor

Make a more informed choice when selecting the person who will supervise your practice

Gain more knowledge about the various supervision theories out there, and how to put them into practice

Learning Outcomes

The Theory – Overview of a supervision model – five theories to inform your practice and that will cover: relationships and responsibilities; how much support does a supervisee need?; what supervision provides from a functional perspective; contracting and boundaries; session planning and reviews;

In Practice – personal development, theoretical grounding, focusing on the supervisee; processing, venting, self-care, work through tough times, containment and holding; boundaries, challenge your work, develop self-awareness;  practising to a safe standard / keeping clients safe; develop a reflective and autonomous practice

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