Welcome to this post on Supervision.

In this post, I want to talk about how supervision can help us work through difficult times.

As therapists, we deal with very strong emotions when in session with our clients.
It’s important we have a safe space to talk about these things and manage the effects of sessions on us.

Sometimes we might just need clarification or understanding our reactions better and what is going on in the therapeutic relationship.

This is what the supervision space is mainly used for.

But it isn’t the only emotional stuff that can be worked through.

It is in supervision where we can also debrief about personal stuff that might be affecting us and possibly impacting on our work (Personal therapy is advisable for ongoing work on these arising issues).

Therapists are human too and allowing ourselves to own our emotions and reactions with the support of our supervisor will help us regroup and therefore help our clients better.

Follow this link for a video describing this process.

Feel free to share it with your colleagues, supervisees, supervisors and others.

The more we talk about what supervision should be about, what it should cover, and how it should support therapists in their private practice, the better equipped we all will be, and we will provide the a better service to our clients

What to expect from Supervision – Working through tough times