My work and life journeys have had a mixture of ups and downs. The “ups” have kept me motivated to keep going.

The “downs” have been steep learning curves in some cases. Humbling but necessary experiences in others. Yet at other points, it’s been hard but it’s also been what’s got me here today. I’ve learned to learn from the downs, and that is a great blessing!

I’ve enjoyed volunteering and getting experience, knowledge and honing my skills for doing this amazingly rewarding work!

It is such an honour to be allowed into people’s worlds and be there for the realisations – sometimes good, sometimes not so good – about themselves, their upbringing, their experiences, and see lasting change happen – gradually – so they can continue a happier, healthier life, with a more robust approach to challenges and whatever else life might bring.

The start of my career was more geared towards mental health in the form of counselling. Since then, I’ve added more skills, products and services, which include supervision, coaching, presenting workshops to support health care providers (particularly counsellors in private practice) with growing their practices.

I’m loving this new part of my life, where I’m developing as an author, helping people with the knowledge and blessings I’ve been given.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of my Creator, my husband, family, friends, my colleagues, and some wonderful mentors.

I really enjoy everything that I do, and I never do anything or continue doing something that I don’t enjoy and might cause me unhappiness or frustration. Of course I will see it through to the end and complete what I’ve started.

I don’t think I will ever get unhappy or frustrated with anything I’ve started as a self-employed person…there is always something new to learn from books, training, but more importantly from my clients themselves.

Over 18 years counselling experience in a variety of settings and life issues

Over 4 years supervising counsellors in private practice

Over 15 years of tutoring experience, and 3 in public speaking and presenting training and workshops.

Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

B.A in Clinical Psychology and Counselling

PgDip in Therapeutic Psychodynamic Counselling

PG Cert in Clinical Supervision

Engage in continuous professional development for all areas of my career

Over 15 years counselling experience in a variety of settings and life issues