In this post, I want to talk about how trusting our supervisor can provide a safe space to challenge our practice.

This post is related to the previous one in that keeping the practitioner safe in supervision ensures that the client is kept safe in their counselling sessions.

Through supervision, we are ensuring that the following points are covered and taken care of (addressed more in depth in other posts in this series):

  • The practitioner is working to a high standard, keeping within professional and ethical boundaries.
  • The practitioner is working to the clients’ best interests.
  • The practising self-care in a way that helps them regroup and refill their emotional bank so they can go back and have more sessions without burning out or feeling overwhelmed with client stuff.
  • The practitioner knows to access personal therapy either regularly or as and when needed.
  • The practitioner is taking down time to spend on their own or with their friends and family to get a balance between work and life.
  • The practitioner is keeping to the therapeutic frame by setting clear boundaries.
  • The practitioner is respecting the clients individuality and autonomy.

Do you have other ways in which you keep your clients safe? Leave a comment!

Follow this link for a video describing this process.

Feel free to share it with your colleagues, supervisees, supervisors and others.

The more we talk about what supervision should be about, what it should cover, and how it should support therapists in their private practice, the better equipped we all will be, and we will provide the a better service to our clients


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What to expect from Supervision – Keeping clients safe

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