As I wrote 20 Self-Care Habits, I reflected on the times that I would’ve found the things in the book helpful in my life journey.

I’ve been there.

Done that.

Survived it and found a way to make things work.

All the things that I’ve learned (and continue to learn) are here, ready for you to put into practice.

I am a very practical, hands-on person, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when working with me in the environment of your choice – self-study, one-to-one coaching, or workshops.

Disclaimer: There is no quick fix!

A mindset change will take a bit of time but it’s not impossible.

This mindset re-set will change your whole life. Trust me, I’ve seen it in my own life, and in the lives of my clients!

Have you heard these or similar ones?

“you should be doing things in this order or that order”,

“why haven’t you done this”,

why are you saying no, why are you being selfish”.

There are more, but those are just a few.

Would you like to do something about them?

By working on our boundaries and learning how to meet our needs, we get to know who we really are and how we want to live our lives to the fullest.

Why should we fit in a box someone else made somewhere in the ether?

Truth is – we don’t!

Programme outcomes

You’ll know yourself better than you ever thought possible

Recognise what you need and want in your life and relationships

Learn to ask for what you need and want in your life and relationships

Set boundaries without the guilt and shame that might have haunted you in the past

Think, Feel, Act: reflection time that will ground you even more in what you’re learning at each step

Pick and choose what works for you: I make suggestions, you make them work for you (or come up with ones that suit you best!)

Get insights on how your life will improve with each step you take in this journey

What you will be learning

Session 1 – Setting Boundaries 101

Session 2 – Plan ahead – Your boundaries will be tested, be prepared

Session 3 – Physical Boundaries

Session 4 – Emotional Boundaries

Session 5 -Your gut is your friend

Session 6 – Living a more compassionate life – challenging the negatives

Session 7 – Create expectations that work for you

Session 8 – Befriend your emotions

Session 9 – Practicing solitude – about “being”

Session 10 – How do you want to be treated?

Session 11 – Toxic Relationships

Session 12 – Other self-care activities – exercise, healthy eating, sleep hygiene