Hi all and welcome to my blog!

I’ll be moving all of my blog posts from https://kbraunercounselling.blog/wp/ to this page throughout the next few months. While I get all the content switched over, do visit Insights for all of my previous content.


I am passionate about helping people get on track – or back on track – in their personal and professional lives, through practical tools and inspirational conversations in a variety of settings.

Through my blogs, I hope to bring some of the life and business knowledge I’ve acquired through personal experience, so you have more of a head start than I might have done in one aspect or another of life.

Some of the posts are from personal experience, others are from my journey into counselling, supervising, coaching, and other professional development activities.

kbraunercounselling.blog/wp is moving to karinbrauneronline.co.uk/blog