Hi, and welcome to my new series on Supervision. I have written a series of blog posts discussing the important topic of supervision for your counselling work – whether you work for a company or in private practice, supervision is key for keeping you working to a high ethical standard and keeping your clients and yourself safe.

I find supervision is a vital part of counselling. It is “behind the scenes” sort of work, much like CPD (continuous professional development) and personal therapy for us counsellors.

I want to raise awareness of the work that goes on when the client leaves the room, and why this is so important for both the client, the counsellor themselves, and the profession in all its general and specific aspects.

My aim, therefore, will be to inform and share what I believe is important in Supervision, why I believe supervision is important, and how this impacts on everything a counsellor does in their practice and even in their life.

I am a quailfied Clinical Supervisor, and offer this service for other qualified counsellors. If you are interested in supervising with me either online or in person (if in the Brighton and Hove area), do send me a message to arrange an initial meeting.

In Supervision: Introduction