Are you an author and/or private practitioner and/or entrepreneur?

Are you finding it tricky to “put yourself out there” and “market” your book or business?

I did a talk a few years ago titled “counselling is not like selling shoes”, and even though it was aimed at therapists, it will apply to anyone setting up a marketing campaign.

The best way to get your message out without seeming “salesy” or “pushy” is to add value to your audience.

Check out my social media channels to see what I mean.

I am excited to support you on your social media marketing journey!

It is important to get online and “promote” ourselves and our services.

I’ve created a service built around supporting therapists, authors and entrepreneurs to improve your social media promotions and also your websites with images, videos, and other content that tells the client exactly why they want to work with you.

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Let’s get started today!

Fees range from £100 to £500, depending on the content you’d like created.

£10 per edit after the 3rd edit – I do strive to have the content done for you in 3 attempts

Contact me when you’re ready to get your content ideas come to life!

Not sure?

Book a 15min or 30min chat to see how I can support you with content for your business, book, or perhaps something else.

Content Preview

I’ve added images here, so you can preview my work. This is content I’ve created for my own promotions and webpages, as well as content I’ve created for authors and counselling colleagues for their social media promotions and websites.

(Some images are blurred out a bit to keep my clients anonymous)

For video content I’ve created, please visit my YouTube channel, or look around this website further for more.

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