Coaching online to improve your life relationships and business

Book your first 3 sessions, and add more later.

3 initial sessions: £240

Why 3 initial sessions?

  1. It’s important to start with a mindset change, which might take us those three sessions.
  2. You might have lots of questions that we can deal with in these three initial sessions.
  3. These sessions will allow us to plan the following sessions, or your next steps should you want to go it alone from there.

Let’s meet to discuss your ideas. Get a second opinion.

One session = £80

Get clarity on what you want to do with your next project, whether in life or business.

I also offer coaching on more specific topics:

Start blogging to add value to your audience, colleagues and potential audience, without getting overwhelmed by the process

Grow your practice/business through Social Media Marketing – using Canva

Improve your life and relationships through practical steps to setting boundaries and meeting your needs

Add strings to your Supervision bow. Learn how to offer more to your supervisees, or learn what you could be getting from your supervision sessions.

*You might prefer counselling or coaching on specific topics, such as anxiety, grief/bereavement, anger management, how to become more self-compassionate and more. I can help you with that too – click here to find out more on how I work.

I’ve organised each stage as a step-by-step guide, where at the end you’ll get a template for your blog posts, which will save you time and energy.

I’ll take you through practical steps and procedures to help you write a successful blog post without getting overwhelmed (like our friend above).

I’ll also help you plan your blog writing, working around your schedule, time limits and creativity times.

What do you think of when you hear the word “blog?”

  • Does it send you into hiding?
  • Do you think “maybe I should do it but don’t know how?
  • You’re not sure how it will benefit your business…

I know the value of blogging and what it’s done for me.

It’s revolutionized my practice!

I want my colleagues to learn what I’ve learned, earlier on in their private practice journey.

As a practitioner myself, I have “insiders” knowledge as to what it’s like to be in private practice and struggle with starting out or starting something new, like blog writing.

Your message is important, your clients and potential clients need to hear it!

Learning outcomes:

Get into the blogging mindset

Who are you writing to?

What and how to write

Some common questions about writing

Start writing your first blog and key homework


Timings and Ideal length of posts

Gaining confidence in your message and your writing skills

I’ve written it, now what?

Other things to do with your blog post

What if I am not a writer?

Social Media Marketing using Canva and Lumen 5

Do you recognise yourself in one of these?

  • starting your business or private practice
  • You want to get from a few clients to fully booked but not sure how to achieve that
  • You’ve started a blog (or completed my blogging coaching or self-learn programme) but unsure how to get your message further

Get ready for an exciting journey into Canva and Lumen5!

let me tell you a bit about why I believe in content marketing so much.

I started my journey into the content marketing world back in 2017.

wanted to grow my counselling business and lower my hours at my care job.

Blogging was the first step.

But then I had to learn how to make them work for me in a bigger way.

I found some amazing mentors along the way – Jane Travis and Sandra Wilson to name a couple. I also joined groups for professional bloggers and social influencers.

It was a steep learning curve, but an enjoyable one. I have created so much content in the last three to four years, and have grown my counselling practice, as well as my supervision, coaching, and other offerings alongside it.

I don’t believe it would’ve been possible without entering the world of blogging and content marketing.

Guess what! In July 2019, I finally left my job to do what I love full time!

I’m a self-confessed geek. Always loved computers, and learning new creative things. This time it would work in the favour of my business endeavours!

Canva and Lumen5 are fantastic tools, and in these sessions, I’d like to teach you how to use them, without feeling overwhelmed by them for one second!

Your message needs to be heard, and this is a great way to get it out to the world!

Learning outcomes:

Why use images and video for your social media marketing

What can you create with Canva? What about Lumen5?

How long does it take to see content marketing work?

Canva’s fantastic features – tour and examples

planning and creating your design

what to do once you’re happy with your creations

difference between the free and paid versions

Schedule your content to save time!

Have you heard these or similar ones?

“you should be doing things in this order or that order”,“why haven’t you done this”,why are you saying no, why are you being selfish”.

There are more, but those are just a few.

Would you like to do something about them?

As I wrote 20 Self-Care Habits, I reflected on the times that I would’ve found the things in the book helpful in my life journey.

I’ve been there. Done that.

Survived it and found a way to make things work.

All the things that I’ve learned (and continue to learn) are here, ready for you to put into practice.

Disclaimer: There is no quick fix! A mindset change will take a bit of time but it’s not impossible.

This mindset re-set will change your whole life.

Trust me, I’ve seen it in my own life, and in the lives of my clients!

By working on our boundaries and learning how to meet our needs, we get to know who we really are and how we want to live our lives to the fullest.

Why should we fit in a box someone else made somewhere in the ether?

Truth is – we don’t!

Learning outcomes

You’ll know yourself better than you ever thought possible

Recognise what you need and want in your life and relationships

Learn to ask for what you need and want in your life and relationships

Set boundaries without the guilt and shame that might have haunted you in the past

Think, Feel, Act: reflection time that will ground you even more in what you’re learning at each step

Pick and choose what works for you: I make suggestions, you make them work for you (or come up with ones that suit you best!)

Get insights on how your life will improve with each step you take in this journey

Session topics:

Setting Boundaries 101; Plan ahead – Your boundaries will be tested, be prepared; Physical Boundaries; Emotional Boundaries; Your gut is your friend; Living a more compassionate life – challenging the negatives; Create expectations that work for you; Befriend your emotions; Practicing solitude – about “being”; How do you want to be treated?; Toxic Relationships; Other self-care activities – exercise, healthy eating, sleep hygiene

Throughout my journey as a counsellor, and as a supervisor, I’ve uncovered many aspects of supervision that are so important in everyday practice.

Of course, the main reason that we engage with a good supervisor for is to discuss client work.

But I don’t believe that it is the only thing we need from our supervisory relationship.

I have set a high standard for myself as a supervisor as well as of what I should be getting from my own supervision.

I’ve collated all of this knowledge in this supervision programme.

This programme will help you

Decide whether you want to train as a supervisor

Make a more informed choice when selecting the person who will supervise your practice

Gain more knowledge about the various supervision theories out there, and how to put them into practice

Learning Outcomes

The Theory – Overview of a supervision model – five theories to inform your practice and that will cover: relationships and responsibilities; how much support does a supervisee need?; what supervision provides from a functional perspective; contracting and boundaries; session planning and reviews;

In Practice – personal development, theoretical grounding, focusing on the supervisee; processing, venting, self-care, work through tough times, containment and holding; boundaries, challenge your work, develop self-awareness;  practising to a safe standard / keeping clients safe; develop a reflective and autonomous practice

coming soon….

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