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Hi! And welcome to my supervision page.

My first experiences of supervision have marked how I see this important aspect of our Private Practice.

I’ve had excellent supervisors in my B.A. in Guatemala – contemporary psychoanalytic for my work with adults, and cognitive-behavioural, behavioural, play therapy and psychometric testing for my work with young people and children.

My experiences of supervision in the UK have been varied, though mostly positive.

In all my years practising counselling and psychotherapy, I’ve learned to be assertive and “picky” when it comes to choosing my supervisors, and I encourage you to do the same.

The person you are working with should make you feel safe, comfortable and able to talk about the things you need to talk about – including possible mistakes or things you might have missed. This is what supervision is about!

My experience through the years of different supervisors, has allowed me to set a high standard of what I should be getting in my supervision, as well as what to offer my supervisees when they come for their sessions.

I offer clinical supervision to qualified counsellors in private practice, and also those trainees that require private supervision.

Feel free to contact me, or book a free 15-min call for one-off or ad-hoc supervision sessions in addition to regular supervision offers (see below).

I also offer supervision to neurodivergent supervisors or those counsellors working with neurodivergent clients. (see more about my journey in this area) I am now exploring my own neurodivergence, after years of working with neurodivergent clients and supervisees. (for neurodivergence resources click here).

The way I work is informed by five of the main supervision theories out there, and abide by the idea that supervision is so much more than only talking about client work – although that’s the more obvious aspect in the sessions.


45min – £35

1hr – 47

1.5hrs – £70

I offer a minimum of 45minutes if you have other supervision arrangements that add up to at least 1.5hrs as recommended by BACP. fees might increase with two months of notice.

Ad Hoc / One-off Sessions

As I practice, I’ve found that more and more counsellors are needing one-off specialist supervision sessions, or a “holding” supervisor whilst their regular one is off sick or for other reasons.

I have offered this for the last few years, and it works really well.

If you’d like a one-off or a few ad-hoc supervision sessions, contact me via this form for my week-to-week availability OR book a 15min free call to see if I’m the right fit for you.

Group Supervision

Having attended Peer and Group supervision sessions in the past and benefiting greatly from them, as well as learning about the group supervision process more in-depth, I’ve decided to offer group supervision on Fridays.

Frequency of Meetings: Once a month for 2hrs and 15min.

Cost for each session is £40 per group member, with a maximum of 4 group members. This fee will increase to £50 per group member in 2025.

Please find the start dates/times for each group below. (these might change to an earlier start if I get a high demand)

GROUP 1pm-3:15pm
Start March 2024
8th March
5th April
3rd May
7th June
5th July
2nd August
6th September
4th October
1st November
6th December
GROUP 2 – 1pm-3:15pm
Estimated Start August 2024
23rd August
13th September
18th October
22nd November
13th December

GROUP 3 – 11am-1:15pm

Start March 2025

MEDIA RESOURCES: Blogs and Short Videos

In the videos and blog posts below, you can read/watch more about my supervision model and how I work. Do send me any questions you might have, and I look forward to working with you as you grow in confidence when working on your private practice!

Supervision Blog Post Series

Private Practice Business Series

Workshops On-Demand

Online Supervision

Supervision is important, but sometimes we might be too busy to travel to supervision, or we might not have found someone in our local area that makes us feel safe and that provides what we are looking for in a supervision contract. In these videos I present a few of the benefits of online supervision, and some solutions when you can’t travel for supervision, whether you are tight on time or any other reason…

How I work – A supervision model

These (14) videos describe the five supervision models that inform my supervision practice. You can watch the ones where I’m speaking or the storyboard video version of the same.

What to expect from supervision

In these next set of (24) videos, you’ll find short videos introducing you to the possibilities of supervision as your needs change each week, fortnight or month. You can read more about the things I speak of in the videos by reading the blog posts below. I’ll also be creating more detailed courses, workshops, and coaching from these in the near future.

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