If so, then get ready for an exciting journey into Canva and Lumen5!

let me tell you a bit about why I believe in content marketing so much.

I started my journey into the content marketing world back in 2017.

I wanted to grow my counselling business and lower my hours at my care job.

Blogging was the first step.

But then I had to learn how to make them work for me in a bigger way.

*** This is a bolt-on programme that works best alongside the blogging programme ***

I found some amazing mentors along the way – Jane Travis and Sandra Wilson to name a couple. I also joined groups for professional bloggers and social influencers.

It was a steep learning curve, but an enjoyable one. I have created so much content in the last three to four years, and have grown my counselling practice, as well as my supervision, coaching, and other offerings alongside it.

I don’t believe it would’ve been possible without entering the world of blogging and content marketing.

Guess what! In July 2019, I finally left my job to do what I love full time!

I’m a self-confessed geek. Always loved computers, and learning new creative things. This time it would work in the favour of my business endeavours!

Canva and Lumen5 are fantastic tools, and in these sessions, I’d like to teach you how to use them, without feeling overwhelmed by them for one second!

What you will be learning

SESSION 1 – Canva

Why use images

What can you create with Canva?

How long does it take to see content marketing work?

Canva’s fantastic features – tour

planning your design


create your own

what to do once you’re happy with your creations

difference between the free and paid versions

SESSION 2 – Lumen5

Why use video?

The wonderful features of Lumen5

What can you create?


Create your own

what to do with your content once you’re happy with it

BONUS mini-training at the end of the second session