Ever since she was a child, Karin had dreamt a recurring dream. In this dream, there was always a house. In each dream, in each house, there was a room that made her or wonder what was behind there that was so mysterious and that beckoned her to find out. But something kept her from finding out in the dreams. After a batch of therapy years later, and touching on a topic she couldn’t speak of in her previous therapy process, the dreams stopped.

That’s where The Beckoning Rooms comes in. This book is a consequence of her own personal journey, but also of her training as a therapist and seeing the effects of working through our past, in her clients’ lives as well as her own.

Karin Brauner’s novel provides an insight into the human unconscious, and what we might choose to hide there. Overwhelming lived experiences, emotions or thoughts that are sent here will beckon to us from the deepest, darkest areas of our minds, and won’t release until we’ve dealt with them. Will the characters in the novel deal with the beckoning rooms, or will they remain locked in the strange house forever?

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