The resources are within you.

This book helps you tap into them and start using them for your benefit,

and for the benefit of your relationships.

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Develop your strengths, use your resources, improve your life and relationships.

A big thanks to my colleagues that took their time to read and review 20 Self-Care Habits before it was published.

I know it’s made a great difference in many people’s lives, including my own (I had to go through the stuff to be able to write it after all, which isn’t a complaint at all. I’m grateful for every part of it, as painful as some of it was, but boy do I sometimes wish I’d had someone tell me this when I was younger! I might’ve not had it but I can give it to someone else and that’s so powerful!)

This is what my aim was – to help people with their self-care in a very practical way. It’s what I’m about – being practical and making things easy – or easier – for ourselves.

This first boxes are a slideshow, so click on the little arrows to read what people have been saying about 20 self-care habits. (If you’d like to watch video versions of the reviews, keep scrolling down!)

Enjoy and if you’ve read it and would like to leave a review, do send me a message via the contact form, I’d love to hear your feedback!


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