The resources are within you.

This book helps you tap into them and start using them for your benefit,

and for the benefit of your relationships.

Develop your strengths, use your resources, improve your life and relationships.

A big thanks to my colleagues that took their time to read and review 20 Self-Care Habits before it was published.

I know it’s made a great difference in many people’s lives, including my own (I had to go through the stuff to be able to write it after all, which isn’t a complaint at all. I’m grateful for every part of it, as painful as some of it was, but boy do I sometimes wish I’d had someone tell me this when I was younger! I might’ve not had it but I can give it to someone else and that’s so powerful!)

This is what my aim was – to help people with their self-care in a very practical way. It’s what I’m about – being practical and making things easy – or easier – for ourselves.

This first boxes are a slideshow, so click on the little arrows to read what people have been saying about 20 self-care habits. (If you’d like to watch video versions of the reviews, keep scrolling down!)

Enjoy and if you’ve read it and would like to leave a review, do send me a message via the contact form, I’d love to hear your feedback!

The first set of videos in these playlists belong to the first series of blog posts I ever wrote, back in 2017. It was these posts that gave me the idea of writing a whole book on self-care. Here they are for you to read:


Setting Boundaries

Honour your feelings

Unplug from technology – plug into nature

My friend tells us about her self-care journey

Being on your own

Spending time with others

Keeping fit

The next batch of videos talks a bit more about what’s inside 20 self-care habits, there’s also a word or two from yours truly.

Then we have book review quotes, and finally some virtual book readings, for you to preview what’s in the book and start thinking about your self-care practice in regards to setting boundaries and meeting your own needs.