Are you looking to take your self-care habits, emotional health or business life to a new level?

let’s get you doing more of what you love!


You have lots of knowledge and wisdom that the world needs to hear.

We all have dreams…we all have ideas that we want to bring into reality and see them flourish.

Sometimes life gets in the way. I get it. I’ve been there too.

We might be too busy making ends meet, or we might have sudden or ongoing health issues that mean that time we spend on our businesses and building our empires might be better spent resting and recovering.

Yes, rest and recover. By all means! That’s why I wrote 20 Self-Care Habits.

I believe that working on what we love means we don’t actually “work”.

We might need to change our lifestyle or our mindset, or both, or neither.

We might need to work on past issues that might have us “stuck” there and unable to see the way forward. That’s what The Beckoning Rooms is all about. Where fiction meets reality.

We might just need to sound off to someone that will help us get our ideas on paper and start seeing them develop.

This is why I’m here.

Have a look around this website. You’ll find many ways of meeting your learning, business, self-care and other needs through the various books and programmes I offer.

A disclaimer, this journey might mean lots of work – emotional, psychological, financial, and more but it will be worth it in the end.

Trust the process. I certainly do!

Let’s let the secret out and turn that knowledge into scalable, workable, relatable and communicable ideas that everyone can benefit from.

Let’s free you up to get you doing more of what you love!

Check out the options below if you’d like to work with me through one-to-one coaching, self-learn or workshops.


Sometimes life gets difficult and we struggle with things that used to be easy for us.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Over the years, I have worked with many clients, and with many different issues that affect their lives and impact on their relationships, work, and other areas.

I have found that there is a thread in all of their stories and in their struggles. There is also a thread in the way we work through these struggles in each of their individual therapeutic processes.

This thread is something that I find important in my life as well, but that I have seen has a great impact in my clients’ lives and relationships.

That thread relates to Boundaries, Self-Care, and what the client needs for themselves and from those around them. 

(check out my book below for more)

It sounds easy, right? But trust me, it is something that us humans are not very good at, especially when we are told it is selfish or rude to set clear boundaries and to do things that mean we are taking care of ourselves. I challenge that in the therapy room, and work through what keeps clients from finding their truth and sticking to it.

Whether it be something more practical like getting stuck with all the cleaning in the house and wanting to ask their partner to help out as they live there too, or something less visible like needing to say no to an invitation due to needing time alone to recharge their energies when social contact gets too much, or other more difficult issues to work through like domestic abuse, for example.

These are things that I can help with – setting boundaries, finding ways to look after yourself, and finding out what you need and want out of life and relationships – within the greater context of the current situation that brings you to counselling.

There’s also something else: dealing with our past pain before it deals with us.

(check out my novel for more on that)

Whatever we haven’t dealt with from our past will come back and haunt us until we sit with it and deal with it.

What does dealing with it mean?

It simply means this: to sit with it, to understand it and uncover the things from our past that might be informing our present behaviours and ways of relating with ourselves, our relationships and the world.

Freeing ourselves from these past “stuck” emotions and events means processing them and allowing ourselves space to work through them and move forward with more self-knowledge, self-awareness, and a path that works for us now rather than doing things that might have helped in the past but don’t do much for us now.

If you’d like to start this journey, get in touch today.


Self care is important. Not just the usual having a bath or having a nice cup of your favourite tea.

I mean the real stuff. The stuff that makes your life fulfilling and happy, or the stuff that makes you have the opposite experience.

In this book I give you 20 in-depth ways in which you can develop self-care habits that will improve your life and your relationships.

There are strengths in all of us that might have been quietened down or simply not put to any use due to life circumstances – being told you have to say yes all the time; or people denying your needs and/or feelings, which led to you not expressing either.

Reflecting on these 20 habits, and putting them into practice, in your own time, will allow you to learn more about yourself and how you relate with others.

Deal with them before they deal with you!

Jenna, Jeremiah and Jacob all lead normal lives.They all wake up one morning in a strange bed, in a house they don’t know. They wonder why they’re here and how they got there. As they settle into the realisation that there is something that brought them here, a purpose, they all realise that there are rooms that seem to be calling them towards them. The beckoning rooms. They spend 4 nights in the place with the beckoning rooms. Alone. Somehow forced to face themselves and their deepest, darkest thoughts, feelings and lived experiences. They thought they’d left all that behind.

About Karin

Karin Brauner is passionate about helping people get on track – or back on track – in their personal and professional lives, through practical tools and inspirational conversations in a variety of settings.

Karin teaches tools that she’s learned and developed throughout her own life. She knows how hard things can get, but also how great things can be once you move through to the other side. She now shares the knowledge she’s gained, through various mediums, to show people a path to better self-care, support when processing their past and working out their present so they can lead an improved life and thrive in their personal and professional relationships.

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